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Call for Papers
Edited by Richard Rushton and Philip Roberts

What is schizoanalysis and how might it be applied to the analysis of contemporary visual culture? This question is both daunting in its complexity and exciting in terms of the possibility for a whole new way of thinking about visual culture it offers. Answering it seems to require that we experiment with Deleuze and Guattari’s ideas and concepts to produce our own new syntheses adequate to the demands of the present creative, historical and theoretical conjuncture we find ourselves in today. That is the challenge we will take up by bringing together some of the most creative and exacting scholars working in the fields of Deleuze studies, film studies, visual culture and digital theory today.

We are now accepting submissions for a special issue of the Deleuze Studies journal, due to be published by Edinburgh University press in 2011.

We would be happy to receive submissions based on work presented at this conference, but are also interested in original contributions inspired by or written in response to some of the ideas developed throughout the event, as well as work from those who were unable to attend but are able to offer engaging scholarship on the meeting between Deleuze and Guattari’s schizoanalysis project and any aspect of the visual, the cinematic, or the database of images that forms our understanding of contemporary visual cultures.

The editors are particularly interested in work that addresses the following themes:

• Schizoanalysis of cinema
• Schizoanalysis and the visual
• Schizoanalysis and art
• Schizoanalysis and digital culture
• Schizoanalysis and the ‘image of thought’
• Intersections between schizoanalysis and the Cinema books

Submissions may be up to 10,000 words long and should follow the journal style.

Submissions should be sent as a Word document to no later than October 1st 2010


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