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“In Greece today the police have cleared the camp no borders kitchen on the island of Lesbos with a population of 400 people.
Around 6 O ‘ clock in the morning, the refugees have been displaced in buses to the detention centre of moria.
This camp is known for pushing people, in search of asylum, back to turkey without a fair review of his asylum application.
The volunteers of the kitchen noborders were also arrested for collaborating with the refugees atratados in Greek territory.
According to our latest update, five members of the kitchen no borders are still in police custody. This group is composed of activists who are very active in the island of lesbos since last year and it has been a “Sanctuary” for many people fleeing the fields inhuman provided by the government. The decision to stay in the camp taken by many refugees was a form of protest against the precarious situation and transparent in the other access points and camps.
The situation in lesbos is becoming more and more tense, it’s something that all activists are facing different way. The lack of transparency perpetuated by the media and the government with the intention of putting an end to the work of the activists, we can only fight it with constant exchange of support and information. ”

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Free Collective

Grecia: Hoy la policía ha desalojado el campamento No Borders Kitchen en la isla de Lesbos con una población de 400 personas.
Alrededor de las 6 de la mañana, los refugiados han sido desplazados en autobuses al centro de detención de Moria.
Este campamento es conocido por expulsar a personas, en busca de asilo, de vuelta a Turquía sin un examen justo de su solicitud de asilo.
Los voluntarios de la cocina NoBorders también fueron detenidos por colaborar con los refugiados atratados en territorio griego.
De acuerdo con nuestra última actualización, cinco miembros de la cocina No Borders aún permanecen bajo custodia policial. Este colectivo está compuesto por activistas muy activos en la isla de Lesbos desde el año pasado y ha sido un “santuario” para muchas personas que huyen de los campos inhumanos proporcionados por el gobierno. La decisión de permanecer en el campamento tomada por muchos refugiados era…

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