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 Twin System defined
1. [Astronomical]. Conjunction (including opposition).
2.[Anatomical]. Cranial nerve-couple. Proto-hemispheric brain-root (schizocephalization).
3.[Biological]. Binary-synthesis of biota without unification (e.g. – genus diplozoon).
4.[Poetics]. Dipody (2-step metrics). Catajungle: binary polyrhythm.
5. [Mathematical]. Members of function-group nullified by double contact.
6.[Gnostic Cosmogony]. Interconnective dyad, or complementary coupling (e.g. of Aeons). In hermetic architectology, a basic element of the pentazygous lore.
7.[Cybergoth Polytics]. Convergent twinning, diploid coincidence, or coproduction.
8. [Mesh-Engineering]. Neutral (or null-pitch) cross-tracked link, feeding a current.
9.[Lemurian Time-Sorcery]. Demonic implex, or involved distance (making an eddy in the maze).

Axiomatic Systems (incorporated).

2.The ultimate capitalist entity (first (true (meta)model) to realize…

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