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“Recent neuroscience, in replacing the old model of the brain as a single centralized source of control, has emphasized “plasticity,” the quality by which our brains develop and change throughout the course of our lives. Our brains exist as historical products, developing in interaction with themselves and with their surroundings.Hence there is a thin line between the organization of the nervous system and the political and social organization that both conditions and is conditioned by human experience. Looking carefully at contemporary neuroscience, it is hard not to notice that the new way of talking about the brain mirrors the management discourse of the neo-liberal capitalist world in which we now live, with its talk of decentralization, networks, and flexibility. Consciously or unconsciously, science cannot but echo the world in which it takes place.In the neo-liberal world, “plasticity” can be equated with “flexibility”–a term that has become a buzzword in economics and management theory. The plastic brain would thus represent just another style of power, which, although less centralized, is still a means of control. In this book, Catherine Malabou develops a second, more radical meaning for plasticity. Not only does plasticity allow our brains to adapt to existing circumstances, it opens a margin of freedom to intervene, to change those very circumstances. Such an understanding opens up a newly transformative aspect of the neurosciences.In insisting on this proximity between the neurosciences and the social sciences, Malabou applies to the brain Marx’s well-known phrase about history: people make their own brains, but they do not know it. This book is a summons to such knowledge.” ~ Peperback Swap

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The terms of this guarantee apply to all our IQMindware™ neuroplasticity software products.

Based on previous scientific research, we predict these IQ point gains on the IQ bell curve from 20 days of training:

  • If you start with an IQ of 100, you will gain approximately 20 points, putting your post-training IQ around 120. You will move from the top 50% of the population to the top 9%.
  • If you start with an IQ of around 115, you will gain approximately 15 points, putting your post-training IQ around 130. You will more from the top 16% of the population to the top 2% of the population.

IQ increase guarantee

We guarantee a 10-20 point IQ increase as a result of your IQ Mindware software training, regardless of your starting IQ. If you do not make this IQ gain, you will be fully reimbursed.

For the purposes of the guarantee, on purchasing either BrainPower®  or i3Mindware®  you will be given free access to two culture-fair and scientifically valid IQ tests to get accurate pre- and post-training measures of your IQ level. They both have good validity and provide accurate measures of your IQ level.

We have selected these two tests because they are the only two IQ tests we know of that are similar in design, length and content to make a valid comparison. Since they are valid, they will both give you the same IQ score, so you can choose which you use for the pre-test and which you use for the post-test.

Alternatively, you can choose to take professionally administered full scale IQ tests.

Short term memory & working memory increase guarantee

We guarantee at least a 40% increase in your short term & working memory (Gsm) capacity, or your money back.

IQ Mindware software is based on training and increasing the capacity of your working memory – a type of short term memory. Working memory capacity is like a computer’s RAM: the more RAM your brain has, the more complex and high powered the information processing it can do. Working memory has been shown to be closely linked to many measures of cognitive performance, including intelligence and academic success.

If you don’t get a 40% increase in your working memory capacity after completing the program – as shown on your IQ Mindware program’s performance graph –  we will reimburse you fully and immediately.

How does our guarantee work?

After you purchase your copy of  BrainPower® or i3Mindware®   the Online Help page will describe what you need to do to ensure that you get your money back if you do not attain the promised cognitive performance gains after training with our software.

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